Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Vision Of The Department

To be a centre for moulding competent Electrical engineering professionals and entrepreneurs having ethical values to make sustainable development for society.

Mission Of The Department

  • To ensure a viable academic ambience to intellectual growth and skill acquisition in Electrical engineering.
  • To infuse the gap between industry and academic by modifying the curriculum as per the need of industry and society.
  • To promote collaborative activities to develop social and ethical values.



Faculty & Staff Members :

Name  Of   The  Staff Designation Mobile & Email-Id
  Head Of Department  
Jayasree K D Lecturer 9497179607  kd.mohanam@gmail.com
Sasna.N.A Lecturer 9562244777 sasna.shanavas@gmail.com
Dhanya PM Lecturer 9447309159    dny.pm89@gmail.com
Remya Mohanan Lecturer 9497350371   remyavm1993@gmail.com
Riya Aloysius Lecturer 9745067162    riyaaloysius@gmail.com
Ajith P P Lecturer 9947706458    ajithpp2@gmail.com
Dileep P Demonstrator/Workshop Instructor 9446204619   dileep88@gmail.com
  Demonstrator/Workshop Instructor  
Manikandan Demonstrator 9496350908   manikottilil@gmail.com
Jickson Joseph Trade Instructor 9400316641  jickson@mtithrissur.ac.in
Shibu K.P Trade Instructor 9447770799    skaitharath@gmail.com
Liji T A Tradesman 9037186457    lijita007@gmail.com
Nijil P Tradesman 9526755244    nijil09@gmail.com